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Facebook Rating. KCticketlaw - Kane Law Office 5. Yelp Rating. Located in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, our criminal lawyers and corporate lawyers are are licensed to practice in both Missouri and Kansas, and assist with a wide array of complex and sophisticated legal issues, coupled with the personalized attention, flexibility, efficiency, and more favorable cost and rate structure that a small law office can provide. The Kansas City corporate lawyer at the Kane Law Office provides comprehensive legal services to companies in all stages of development, ranging from entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and start-up companies, to small and medium-sized businesses.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Greg Watt explains justification of deadly force when it is and when it's not appropriate. My intent is to provide this page as a general guide to police practices as well as a common sense approach concerning what to do if you are stopped and questioned by an officer. What exactly is a plea bargain? What is a sentencing hearing?

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What are the different types of pleas? Why are sentences usually reduced for a guilty plea? If you or someone you know has been arrested or you think you are about to be arrested, understanding the process will help lessen the stress and prepare you for the next steps you will need to take.

Defending a drug case involving K-9 detection demands specialized training. And who are we kidding, a law school diploma is not specialized training. Therefore, we have taken our training to another level in order to become highly proficient in cases where contraband was searched and seized by a K-9 and handler. Clients of The Watt Law Firm, LLC have come to rely on this level of confidence and experience in sorting through the difficulties a criminal matter can present.

The ability to work up a case and convey it to a judge and jury is not something every criminal defense attorney can do, or wants to do. Since every prosecutor stands ready, able, and willing to take a case to trial, you should expect nothing less from your own attorney. Which is why you should never approach a property case without first consulting with The Watt Law Firm. Greg Watt has established one of the premiere property crime defense practices in the Kansas City metro area. No one understands this area of law better. As a property crime defense specialist, Greg Watt is routinely referred cases by some of the largest law firms in Kansas City to ensure their clients have the very best.

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The Second Amendment to the U. In other words, whens guns are used in the commission of a crime or even present during the commission of a crime the stakes are high and the potential consequences, severe. If accused by someone without being formally charged, the people around you may start acting differently toward you. You could lose your family, friends, job, etc. If you are criminally charged, not only could your personal relationships suffer, but you could also face many years in jail and be required to register as a sex offender if convicted.

Both of these crimes are routinely prosecuted in Kansas and Missouri courts, and the potential consequences range anywhere from a fine to imprisonment, or both! In the blink of an eye, allegations like these can cost you everything. He was able to give me a quick lay of the land and an idea of what needed to be done.

Then, he quickly took the initiative to ensure a positive outcome. Definitely a courteous, professional, and prompt attorney.

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No matter how busy he is, he will always return phone calls and give you the time of day to answer questions or set your mind at ease. Greg Watt is a criminal defense lawyer who proudly serves the residents of the Kansas City metro area. Free Consultation. Criminal Defense. Learn More. Drug Defense. Domestic Violence.

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Greg Watt takes domestic violence cases to trial routinely, and he wins routinely. Greg Watt Attorney Profile. Man accused of killing 4 relatives, burning bodies pleads innocence. Homeowner shoots man he says tried to steal his truck. A Guide to Police Practices. How many times have you asked yourself why police officers do the things they do?

Plea Bargaining FAQ's. And many other questions about Plea Bargaining are covered on this page. The Watt Law Firm provides a step by step guide. Accused of a crime? Get expertise from a former prosecutor!

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