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Searching For That Number Your first stop should be a free reverse phone number directory. Plenty of them are available on the Internet. At the site, you'll enter the entire number including the area code and hit Search. If the number is a published land line, you should get the information you want, including the name of the owner and the entire address of the owner. If you're lucky enough to get results, then your search can stop there.

In most cases, you'll need to try a slightly different approach.

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Usually, the reason you'll run into problems is that the number belongs to a cell phone. Because there is no central database of cell phone numbers, free reverse phone directories cannot return information on those numbers. You also won't be able to get information on landline numbers that are unlisted or non-published. Don't bother trying multiple reverse phone directories in order to find the owner of a phone number, either. Most use the same databases, so if you don't score results at one then you won't fare any better at another site.

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For a reasonable fee, you can access all of the information you need about the owner of a phone number using Reverse Phone Detective. Called at am, am, 53 am and pm, pm, pm Thought it was weird.. I never answer my phone unless I know the number Last night I got 6 calls in 3 minutes: 2 from 3 from unknown number 1 from no area code.

Today i just got 6 phone calls coming from Can't call it back, woke me up at three this morning. There is someone talking but it sounds almost robotic. Idk what to do at this point. Im with verizon as well. I just started receiving calls from an 11 digit phone number last night. I did some research and found that countries are adding another digit to the telephone numbering system so they can add additional customers, makes sense to me but you'd think this would be announced to the general population.

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So what gives? My concern is that our service providers don't know anything about these numbers but if there are charges that shows up on our telephone bills they will expect us to pay for them. I wouldn't call back at all. I hope if someone I knew had this type of number they would let me know prior to them calling me perhaps leave a voice or text message. Thanks for sharing. While reading these posts calms me, especially the one saying that the numbers originate from Guatemala, I am more concerned with the nature of my call.

I answered the call and heard a man speaking, in what I believe to be English, but in an extremely heavy, heavy accent. Well I told him that you got the wrong number and at the same time I could begin to make out of some of what he was saying. While I was talking I heard him saying "Listen, listen!

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I'm going to kill you, you got that? I'm pretty freaked but definitely feel a little comforted by this site. Well, I hope others don't get such hostile phone terrorists. I am on Verizon and live in NY Wow dude, talk about freaky. I don't know what I would have done had I answered and there was someone saying "I'm going to kill you" in any accent. My carrier is Verizon and I got the call at PM and their customer service is closed already. I got one call and did not get to my mobile in time and the second call two minutes later I fat fingered because I had already turned the lights off.

When I tried to call the number I get an error message from Verizon. I did a bit of research myself and found that is the country code for Taiwan. They may use a 9 digit number within Taiwan for all I know. No messages were left on voice mail. Another thing of note on the 11 digit numbers Just because your caller id breaks the number down into two sets of three plus the rest, don't discount a 2 digit country code and a nine digit number.

I would encourage everyone to call their carriers who have not already. They will not do anything until they know how large of an issue it is. There may also be a way of blocking a particular number or set of numbers if the number your getting calls from is a constant. My DH got a bunch of calls from last night.

It started around 11 Pm and didn't stop until around 3 AM. WTF, we want to sleep! DH finally answered answered and some guy asked for "Miguel. But the number called back a minute later. It alternated between that number and coming up on his cell. This morning he got a text from that number, but I forget what it said.

Same deal as everyone above.

What is WHOIS?

Verizon says they can't block phone numbers over 10 digits, and we'll probably get charged for the text that they sent. I answered on the 8th call and got a response that said "Hola! I told him he go the wrong number and then he hung up. Afterwards, he called 3x in a row. I got one missed call on my cell from a this evening around 10pm. I wasn't around my phone, so I didn't answer and I don't know how long it rang for. Thought I'd just let you guys know I have a friend who lives in the phillaphines and when ever we have tried calling one or other it says number don't exist.

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I know you have to dail 1 then the number for united states but when I asked my friend she told me that hers is you dial 63 and that is to many digits. So I am quite confused on how I am supost to call her if the number won't work. So I recieved a message tonight 2 am, after 2 measly hours of sleep from I am a verizon customer as well. Curious as to who was calling me at 2 am I called back and got the "cannot complete this call as dialed" message. So I said to myself "They better not call me the expletive back" and curled back up next to my cat on the bed. I'm trying to sleep! I managed to trace it enough that every response I get other than the spoofing of the numbers is that it's a call from Japan, which seems plausible with the guys accent and the time of day when I recieved the call.

It would have been about 8pm there, everyone making nightly plans etc. I think that mine may have been a genuine wrong number, but it was 2 am I am now wide awake and it ticked me off. Also, I just figured I'd document it if happens again I can keep tagging it so I know what's going on and not relying on memory to last over a lont time. I just started receiving calls like this last night. They called like 15 times after I answered and said they had the wrong number.

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They just spoke back in spanish and even left a voicemail one of the times they called. This is really creepy. They started calling again this morning. I started receiving calls a few days ago. It is the same two numbers everytime. My phone will ring one time and then the caller will hang up. No messages have been left. I have tried to call the digit number back but the call cannot be completed as dialed and I have called the digit number from a different phone and I restrict the number and the call will not go through.

I have been getting a call from on your work afterhours number, starting on jan. The next day i talk to our secrety about it she calls verizion and tells them about it they know nothing and block the number. The calls stop and i am able to sleep and not have to worrie about all this. OK, the calls start again lastnight at pm and didnt stop till pm that night. Tonight I received an 11 digit call and did not answer it, they left no message. Just wondering if anyone else has had this number pop up. One was at 8am the other at 7am.

I've never answered but the first time I quickly rejected it and a voicemail was left of them hanging up. I can't find anything about any scams or telemarketing with this number. I have dealt with these calls since They started out being just a few here and there, then they stopped for a while.

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Once they started again the calls became more frequent.