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Although state and federal law protects your right to accessing public records, there will be some records you cannot expect to find.

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The government naturally wants to protect privacy just as much as it wants to release free records. This guide will explain which records are available without special authorization and which do require consent from the individual in question. Employers and landlords in Hillsborough County routinely run background checks on prospective employees or tenants.

And for good reason: you want to know if you can trust a person with your valuable resources, your personal or business property, and even your trade secrets.

You can find out things like whether the person has been convicted of a crime, served time in prison, or has a DUI. If you are a small business owner or a property owner interested in earning some income from rentals, you will want to consider your options for running free background checks. The reason for running background checks on employees and tenants in Hillsborough County is clear: to protect yourself. It may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, but you would rather run the background check first then find out you hired someone who was untrustworthy or who had malicious intent to harm you or your business.

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Employees and tenants in Hillsborough County have come to expect background checks as a routine part of the application process, so please do not feel guilty. You are not being an untrusting human being, just a smart one.

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Florida or Hillsborough County law may in some cases require you to run a background check. This is especially true for those working in healthcare, childcare, or the human service sector.

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To protect vulnerable populations like children and seniors, the law requires that employers run background checks for positions like daycare worker, eldercare worker, or nanny. Free public records are the key to background checks. No background check is an instantaneous process.

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You need to search different government systems, databases, and documents. In fact, when you do a free background check yourself using the advice and information contained in this guide, you can streamline the data. You can find the specific information you need, instead of extraneous information you do not need. The ways employers use information found in public records is a tricky area. Employees are allowed to access a great deal of information by searching the Hillsborough County public records but there is a limit to what they can find.

There is also a limit to what an employer can do with that information. Employers are expressly forbidden to discriminate, even if the discrimination is subtle or unconscious. For this reason, employers are strongly discouraged from using credit history reports as a component of a background check. If you are an employer or a landlord, be careful when using free public records. Be especially wary of third party companies that claim to run the most effective background check for you for a fee. These services will not necessarily give you an FCRA-compliant report, which could land you in legal trouble.

Be safe and use the public records judiciously. How Can I Find…. The rest of this guide will contain detailed information, including links, to free public records in Hillsborough County or Florida. One of the easiest public records searches you can do is for criminal history. Using the Hillsborough County criminal history records search, you can locate various public records and data files including:. Check here before performing your search. Hillsborough County allows you to perform a public records search for free. It is rare that you can access arrest records, given that an arrest does not mean a person has been convicted of a crime.

In Hillsborough County, you can check arrest records. You are much better off going straight to the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and Comptroller, where you can find information related to traffic violations and your drivers license. You can access Hillsborough County drivers license records here , including:. If you are hiring someone for commercial driving purposes, then you may be required, or at least strongly advised, to conduct a background check detailed enough to include driving history and driving records.

This means that you can securely search for any abductee, adult or child, or runaway. If you believe the missing person is no longer located in Hillsborough County, then you may also extend and expand your search by accessing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse.

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A person can be an inmate in a local, county, state, or federal prison. Your first step when looking for free public records on any inmate would be to determine which correctional institute that person is in. You could begin first by checking the court records to find out the jurisdiction of the crime, for example. However, the individual may be in a state prison or correctional institute.

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In this case, visit the Florida Department of Corrections to conduct an inmate search using the free public records. This is also true for daycare centers and playgrounds. To conduct a search of convicted, registered sex offenders in Hillsborough County, you may start by visiting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains the larger registry of convicted sex offenders in Florida, which matters because many offenders will have crossed county lines. Search for sex offenders in Florida.

Property records usually are kept at the county level, not the state level. Therefore you came to the right place. Search the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser database to find things related to deeds and titles.

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