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The only information that is given by these companies are names and addresses associated with the subject's social security number. This information is public record and freely available to anyone. A fully compliant background check will include a public record search along with an in-depth physical record search at the county level. An acceptable alternative to the county level search is the statewide criminal record search, which can replace multiple county searches while maintaining and high level of reliability.

The FCRA states that any consumer reporting agency must obtain the signed consent of an individual to release any information. Google is the easiest place to begin your search. If Bobby likes to make friends, a bunch of different social media sites may pop up: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and scores of others.

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Many people make their social media profiles invisible to non-friends. To see details, you may have to send him a connection request. Finally, run a Google image search to locate pictures of Bobby. You might find out that Bobby is a champion swimmer.

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You might also find out that he was arrested for a DUI. Afterward, try PeekYou. When it finds information, PeekYou indexes all the links in one place for easy browsing. You can quickly see an overview of just about anyone.

All you have to do is enter your address in whitepages. You can click on houses to see publicly available information about the people living around you. Adding to the anxiety are the privacy issues that The Beat raises.

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You see a picture of the person and their home and work addresses. But it never hurts to double-check.

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One word of warning: always take the information with a grain of salt. People search sites can accidentally combine separate people in one profile. Want to hear more about online research techniques?