What is the felony class in michigan

The only difference is the use of what the Michigan felonious assault law defines as a dangerous weapon. If you are charged as a Habitual Offender, the story gets even worse. The Michigan assault with a dangerous weapon law is a very complex law made up of many small parts that come together to have a devastating impact.

Michigan Felony Assault Lawyer | Assault With A Dangerous Weapon

No actual touching is required. You can easily see how a rather insignificant series of events, combined with an accuser who has a motivation to make your life an anxious hell and a little help from an overzealous prosecutor can add up to leave you wondering how you arrived at this place in life. As a result, you can be certain that the prosecutor will be examining the details of your personal history with a fine-toothed comb, looking for anyone else who might like to come forward and claim that you assaulted or battered them in the past.

But even if this alleged incident happened long ago and was never even reported to police nor resulted in any criminal charges, Michigan law contains a special rule that allows an enemy of yours to march right into court and testify you assaulted or battered them years ago. There are ways to keep this evidence out of Court, but many attorneys are simply unaware of them, or completely fail to assert these vital challenges.

Making you appear to be guilty can be an easy task for the prosecuting attorney, especially if your felonious assault attorney fails to take the necessary time to know and understand every single little fact, and fails to even consider the important step of visiting the scene himself. Prain, PLLC , you are guaranteeing that your felonious assault attorney is going to learn every fact and detail of your case, take the time to learn who you are as a person, file every motion, make every evidentiary challenge, and do everything humanly possible to eliminate or defeat your felonious assault charge and protect your freedom, your future, and your peace of mind.

If given a chance, encourages felons to vote in our elections. A person convicted of a felony cannot lawfully possess a firearm pursuant to Michigan and Federal Law. Michigan law also prohibits persons convicted of a felony from carrying a concealed weapon.

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Felons may, in certain circumstances, get their state firearm possession rights restored. They will probably not grant a liquor license to a felon.

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  8. You do not need a liquor license to be a bartender or waitress. Only the owner or owners of the establishment must be licensed. A person convicted of a felony can have their sentence enhanced or increased for a subsequent felony conviction pursuant to Michigan Habitual Felony Offender Laws.

    Felony Crimes in Michigan: Sentences and Punishment

    Generally, the more prior felony convictions, the more severe the sentence. A felony conviction will keep someone from obtaining this license. Below is a list of the most prevalent felony crimes that we routinely handle in the Metro-Detroit courts and that also that fall within the top 50 felonies in Michigan. The Michigan State Police maintains annual crime reporting statistics for each county in the State of Michigan.

    For , approximately 50, crimes were reported in Macomb County. As criminal defense attorneys in Macomb County, these statistics are meaningful in various ways.

    New Expungement Law in Michigan

    Statistics indicate that all larcenies constitute the largest number of crimes reported. Nearly 10, larceny related crimes reported which include the following:. Retail fraud shoplifting offenses are not included in the above statistic.

    Can you get a felony removed from your record?

    Separately, approximately 2, retail fraud cases were reported in Macomb County for The drug crime of possession of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor. As I have stated, a felony charge may be lodged for unintended behavior. For example, a person may be charged with felony possession of drugs when a police search reveals a minuscule quantity of drug residue. Felony charges can be prosecuted even though the drug residue is unusable, un-measurable and is scraped from a pipe or from the carpet of a vehicle.

    In researching this matter, I found that the prosecutor in Harris County, Texas has a adopted a policy to avoid prosecuting those found with drug residue.

    river-forest.jp/wp-content/60.php While this is a step in the right direction, Michigan has not adopted this policy. In addition to residue cases, drug charges may be brought against an innocent passenger of a motor vehicle because drugs are found in a compartment or area of the vehicle within reach, possession or view of the passenger s. A crime can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony without any intent or deliberation to wind up in that position.