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Nix has said he was following the orders of the caller, who he thought was a police officer. But Judge Tom Waller refused to accept a deal in which Nix had offered to plead guilty to a reduced charge of sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment in exchange for a sentence of one year's probation.

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Waller let Nix withdraw his plea and set his trial on charges of sodomy and assault for Dec. That's the same day that David N. Law enforcement officials have said they suspect Stewart was behind at least 69 other hoaxes pulled off at other businesses in 32 states from through last year.

He has been charged only in Bullitt County and pleaded not guilty there. November 2, Courier-Journal Bullitt Circuit Judge Tom Waller this morning rejected a plea agreement for a man who admitted sexually humiliating a teenager who was strip-searched last year at the Mount Washington McDonald's where she worked. Walter Nix Jr. The deal fell through after Louise Ogborn, 19, who was forced to sodomize Nix as part of telephone hoax at the store on April 9, , objected to portions that allowed Nix to deny wrongdoing and to avoid registering as a sex offender.

Judge Waller set Nix's case for Dec.

Ogborn was detained for nearly four hours in the hoax, which was one of 70 perpetrated in 32 states from through last year. A private prison guard, David N. Stewart, of Fountain, Fla. He has pleaded not guilty and is set for trial Dec. November 2, Courier-Journal A teenager who was strip-searched in April at the Mount Washington McDonald's where she worked is objecting to terms of the plea bargain struck for the man who admitted sexually humiliating her. As part of the agreement, Walter Nix Jr.

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But Louise Ogborn, 19, who was forced to sodomize Nix as part of telephone hoax at the store on April 9, , objects to portions of the deal that allowed him to deny wrongdoing and to avoid registering as a sex offender, according to lawyers for both sides. Boone Jr. Nix's lawyer, Kathleen Schmidt, said she will ask Judge Tom Waller to enforce the plea agreement today.

If he doesn't, Nix will have the option of withdrawing his plea and going to trial, or accepting an agreement with harsher terms.

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Nix had been charged with sodomy and assault, which carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison. Nix has claimed he was duped into humiliating Ogborn by a man who called the McDonald's pretending to be a police officer investigating a theft.

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Nix was engaged at the time to the store's assistant manager, Donna Jean Summers, who, at the behest of the caller, had taken away Ogborn's clothes before calling Nix in to help watch the teen. Nix has said the man on the phone ordered him to direct Ogborn to do exercises in the nude and perform oral sex on him.

He said he also slapped her several times on the buttocks at the direction of the caller. ABC Primetime is scheduled to broadcast a segment Nov. October 11, Courier-Journal A Bullitt County man who claimed he was duped into sexually humiliating a teenage McDonald's worker last year by a man impersonating a police officer pleaded guilty yesterday to a felony charge of unlawful imprisonment. In a plea bargain approved by his victim, Walter Nix Jr. He originally was charged with sodomy and assault, for which he could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Nix was engaged at the time to the store's assistant manager, Donna Jean Summers, who asked him to come watch Ogborn.

A man who phoned the store pretending to be a police officer accused Ogborn of theft and ordered her strip-searched. According to police and court records, Nix said he thought he was following an officer's orders when he directed Ogborn, who was detained four hours in the restaurant's office, to do exercises in the nude and perform oral sex on him.

He also slapped her several times on her buttocks, at the direction of the caller, the records show. The incident was the focus of a Courier-Journal story Sunday that noted that the strip-search was among at least 70 performed at fast-food restaurants and other businesses from through at the direction of a caller who claimed he was investigating crimes. Ogborn agreed to be identified by name in the newspaper. He has pleaded not guilty, and his trial is set for Dec. Summers is charged with unlawful imprisonment, a misdemeanor, and her trial is scheduled for Dec.

She also has pleaded not guilty. Ogborn's co-counsel, William C. In a lawsuit, Ogborn has alleged that the company failed to warn employees at the Mount Washington store about prior strip-search hoaxes at other restaurants around the country. McDonald's has said in court papers and through its lawyer that Ogborn was in part responsible because she failed to realize the caller wasn't a real officer.

Nix and Summers were among at least 13 people across the United States charged with crimes for executing searches for the caller. Seven have been convicted of various crimes.

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Stewart so far has only been charged in the Bullitt County incident. November 11, Arizona Republic A teenage girl who was strip-searched by the manager of a Taco Bell earlier this year has filed suit against the restaurant chain.

The lawsuit alleges Taco Bell officials were aware of a string of prank calls to fast-food restaurants across the country where a caller persuaded employees to do strip searches, but did not adequately update franchises. In the March incident at E. Shea Blvd. According to the suit, Taco Bell knew of incidents at restaurants in Wyoming in , Alaska in and Georgia in and issued warnings to franchises, though not enough was done to educate employees. July 29, Nation's Restaurant News One of the most bizarre and longest-running con games in foodservice may have ended with the arrest of a prison guard who was charged with duping scores of restaurant managers over the phone into strip-searching their employees.

The Panama City Police Department was holding David Stewart, a year-old corrections officer, under a governor's warrant, a kind of fugitive warrant, until his bid to fight extradition to Mount Washington, Ky.

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Stewart, a father of five and a former auxiliary policeman, worked for the Bay County State Facility, a privately run prison operated by the Corrections Corp. Police in Mount Washington--a bedroom community of 13, residents seven miles from Louisville--were seeking to interrogate Stewart in connection with an April 9 incident in which a man posing as a cop called a local McDonald's and convinced a manager to strip-search a young female cashier.

Investigators used phone records, calling-card numbers and security surveillance cameras in a Wal-Mart outside Panama City where the calling cards had been purchased in order to link Stewart to the assault. In almost all cases the restaurants were located in small towns. As the story first was reported in Nation's Restaurant News in March, police nationwide had been looking for a man who posed as a cop or a senior executive of a restaurant company.

He had persuaded as many as 73 unit managers of major brands to strip-search young staffers in bogus hunts for stolen valuables. The perpetrator listened in over the phone while the managers were coaxed into giving detailed descriptions of the hapless victims' underwear and body parts. The crime had gone largely unreported for years, possibly as far back as , because the victims and their employers were too embarrassed to report it to authorities, once they realized they had been duped. Even when they did report it, most small-town police departments didn't know how to investigate the con, so police tended to file the reports away under "miscellaneous" and the cases died.

Particularly anxious to interrogate Stewart are detectives of the police departments of four Massachusetts towns--West Bridgewater, Abington, Whitman and Wareham--where single Wendy's restaurants were victimized on the same day this year, Feb The four towns pooled their resources and appointed detective sergeant Victor Flaherty of West Bridgewater to lead a task force to find the perpetrator.

Wendy's financed the task force's expenses for travel, phone record recalls and overtime.

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Flaherty waded through hours of security video footage of calling-card purchases from the Wal-Mart store until he and other investigators linked a customer to cards used in the Wendy's incidents in February and an incident at a Kentucky McDonald's in April. In one tape a man wearing a Corrections Corp. Flaherty first showed prison administrators the tape of the man in civilian clothes, and they immediately recognized him. The clincher occurred when they were shown the other tape of the suspect wearing his uniform.

Supervisors were certain that the man was one of theirs January 11, News Herald A year-old corrections officer stabbed two sisters — including one who is pregnant — with a butcher knife early Saturday during an argument over a man, authorities reported. Investigators charged Cachetta Ann Barnes with two counts of aggravated assault after the altercation at 4 a. An arrest affidavit said Barnes stabbed year-old Tikila Walker on the left arm. CCA officials did not immediately return phone messages. Cautionary tale of CCA's misadventures running the local jail before the Sheriff took it back.

October 28, News-Herald The jail has long been finished and the initial contractor fired, but Bay County only recently received final judgment on a lawsuit that alleged favoritism and arbitrary behavior in awarding the jail contract in William C. Henry, of Burke Blue, Hutchison, Walters and Smith, who represented Bay County in the suit, said county staff spent two months analyzing and comparing the proposals and matching them with their proposal request.

Commissioner Mike Thomas said the allegations of favoritism were preposterous from the beginning because the commission did not want to give the contract to CCA, who was managing the old jail at the time. Lane had been working at the jail while CCA was in charge.