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Webb is a trained and certified collaborative law specialist who is available to serve as independent mediator between the two divorcing parties or serve as legal counsel for parties involved in mediation or arbitration to resolve their differences. Webb has been involved in more than 50 mediations and arbitrations, and has earned statewide recognition for his capacity to handle complex cases involving significant marital assets and emotional child custody and parenting issues.

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He is also trained in arbitration and offers services to serve as independent arbitrator between parties. While serving in the position of independent mediator or arbitrator, Mr.

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Webb cannot represent either party in the negotiations. In short, arbitration and mediation leave the individual parties in control of the final settlement.

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Most divorcing couples also find that the collaborative law process reduces legal fees significantly. Texas family law judges place both parties in a divorce under pressure to seek a collaborative settlement that will avoid costly litigation.

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When parties hire an independent mediator, they are encouraged to hire their own attorney as legal counsel, but the parties remain in control of the final outcome. Entering mediation is always voluntary.

The content and process of mediation is confidential. The Mediator does not take sides.

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A mediator will see you in one or more sessions. Problems are identified and possible solutions explored. The aim is to achieve practical, workable arrangements, which are acceptable both to you and any children you may have. It offers you the service of mediators who listen to each of you, and work with both of you.

The aim is to reach agreement about the arrangements to be made for the future parenting of your children. Mediators will not take sides in a dispute and they will not make decisions for you. Generally speaking it is.

Texas Divorce Mediation FAQ

However, you will have a chance to discuss this in more detail at your first individual meeting with the mediator. Mediation is particularly well suited to family disputes because the process helps people negotiate settlements on the basis of their needs and interests so that each can have the best possible outcome in the circumstances. Mediation can be expensive, especially if there are many issues to decide, or the parties are combative and unwilling to compromise. Also, the Attorneys must be prepared, as well as the divorcing spouses.

Documents are gathered and organized, timelines are created and financials are calculated.

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Anything the Mediator or Attorneys might need to see, review or know should be available. This ensures that every possible opportunity to settle can be explored.

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The cost of Mediation, however, is still less than leaving everything to be decided by a Judge. And it is far, far less than a jury trial. Plus, with Mediation, you are getting what you want, or at least what you have agreed to compromise on. A Judge or jury could order something completely different than what you believe you should get.