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See Table 3. If your code is not shown, I would recommend using the closest code to yours, leaning toward the previous one if there is a value above and below your code. If you have used the preceding two checks to narrow down what you think your Xbox revision is, the next two steps will really give you a concrete answer to the question.

Assuming you have already opened your Xbox per Chapter 2, "Disassembling Your Xbox," you should look for the video chip. It is located on the motherboard, directly below the video output port on the back of the Xbox see Figure 3. This is another excellent verification of the revision, as Table 3.

Find the Xbox 360 serial number, Kinect sensor serial number, and Xbox 360 console ID

Figure 3. You can use one final check to verify the Xbox revision that you own or are considering buying : Look at the BIOS kernel version and dashboard version numbers. Go to Settings and then System Info. A disclaimer will scroll down and will eventually show you two version numbers: a K: value for the kernel and a D: value for the dashboard. You can perform an unscientific check of the revision using Table 3. This product can be delivered to by. Book an appointment to Experience this product at.

Cash on Delivery also available for this product. The stylish, slim pristine white XBOX arcade is designed for first time console users. Versatile in use, the console lets you enjoy movies, MP3s, and also view photographs. Showcasing a standard AV cable and connecting to the Xbox Live, you can download a host exciting games to enjoy it in high definition and standard picture and crisp sound quality.

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Please check on the Pinelabs page at the time of checkout. The gaming system itself features a GB hard drive.

This is ideal for downloading game data like updates or DLC content. The extra space is also ideal for storing music and movie content.

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A number of Xbox video games allow you to play your own music while gaming. The ample storage space on this Xbox version offers enough room to store thousands of songs. The Elite Xbox package also comes with the Resident Evil 5 game. The third-person shooter takes players on a horror adventure to a fictional country in Africa.

When a zombie outbreak has taken over, it's up to special agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar to stop the zombie hordes and figure out the mystery behind the outbreak. A number of weapons are available in this sequel to the earlier games. This includes handguns, grenades, and close-combat options. A special melee attack is another new feature in the title. Through this attack, players can damage an enemy and then use moves to render them useless. A special download token card also comes with the Xbox Resident Evil consoles.

The card has two elements to it. The first is a special Resident Evil 5 Premium theme card. The code gives you access to backgrounds, avatars, and design elements exclusive to your Xbox device. This is an updated classic of the original Capcom release.

It features new graphics, new animations, and sound effects that take advantage of Xbox capabilities. All types of classic Capcom characters are available in the digital download, including Vega, Ken, Ryu, and Guile. Additional Product Features Resolutions. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Bundles that include this product. Any Condition Any Condition. See all 7. Compare similar products.

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