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To help understand your rights and responsibilities when requesting a background check in Illinois, please use the following overview. Arrest Records : Employers in Illinois may not use arrest records as a basis for employment decisions. Circumstantial evidence or other indications that would imply prior arrests are acceptable. All private businesses that employ more than 15 people must comply with this law.

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No inquiries into criminal histories are allowed until after an employer provides the applicant with an interview or a conditional job offer. Positions with background checks already mandated by law are excluded. Employers beware: violations of this act result in warnings and the potential for hefty fines. Chicago banned the box for public employers in , and in the city expanded the ordinance to cover all employers within the city. Notably, Chicago's laws cover businesses with fewer than 15 employees as well, going further than the state statute.


Expunged Records : Employers cannot ask about any criminal records currently under seal or which have been expunged and must include a clear and visible statement on all job applications that individuals do not have to disclose such information. If you have any questions about the policy or process, please contact Odell Richmond odell uic.

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You may also email the Criminal Background Check processing listserv at cbcuichr uillinois. University of Illinois Background Checks.

go site Groups A summary of the major features of the policy and the steps UIC will be taking for implementation are detailed below:. Covered Employee Groups. Current Employees. Types of Background Checks.

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Required Process The following are the required processes for a Background Check:. Offer of Employment. Conditional Hire.

Janice K. Jackson stated that active CPS employees were notified that they were not permitted to return to work as a result of information uncovered in the background check, and CPS would conduct thorough investigations in all of these instances to better understand the circumstances of each unique case. CPS employees were only removed based on the results of their background check if arrests were identified that suggest a potential history of violence, sexual misconduct, or dangerous criminal activity, Dr. Jackson stated. She added that 57 of the CPS employees who have been removed are teachers.

Jackson noted that removal of CPS employees did not mean they did anything wrong or would not return to work after an investigation into their background check results, but their removal based on their background check results was necessary to determine their ability to support safe schools.

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