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Municipal Court Our Mission The Mission of the Yuma Municipal Court is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Yuma by providing all people that appear in the Court with a responsive and professional judicial branch of government. Basic Contact Information. Address: S.

Clerk of the Superior Court

Government Mayor Douglas J. Security and Privacy Statements.

The Santa Cruz County Clerk of the Court has been appointed as the county's Probate Registrar and performs limited judicial functions in association with that appointment. In accordance with A. Ex-Officio Clerk of the Court The Clerk's presence at all court sessions is required by statute to receive and record court documents and exhibits, thereby establishing an independent record of court proceedings.

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In this role, the Clerk is responsible for ensuring proper documentation of court action, as well as public access to court records. Elected Departmental Administrator As the elected administrator of a court department, the Clerk has the responsibility to establish office policies, budgets, and procedures in accordance with the governing guidelines and policies of the Superior Court, the Supreme Court and Santa Cruz County.

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Mission Statement To accomplish the prompt and orderly disposition of the business of the court as required by law. As the "gatekeeper" of the court, it is our mission to provide the public with the highest quality, efficient and effective service, while causing as little inconvenience as humanly possible, thus saving the public valuable time and energy AZTurbo Court The State of Arizona provides each Superior Court with the following TurboCourt forms for ease of use in Family Law cases.

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