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You may contact North Carolina Vital Records for assistance with adoptions at or by visiting their website.

In order to obtain a certified birth, death or marriage certificate, one of the following must apply:. Other Requirements A valid drivers license or government issued I. If you are requesting a certified copy by mail please send a photocopy of your I.

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Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents. They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage Vital Records receives the request. Requests to change a record, such as adoptions, amendments, legitimations and name changes, may take six weeks or more depending on volume of requests after the processing fee is received.

There is no fee to process standard paternities and the response time may take longer depending upon the volume of requests received. Requests to change a record that are accompanied by an expedite fee will be processed as quickly as possible, but may take up to fifteen business days. We offer same-day expedited service at our walk-in window at our Raleigh location. An appointment is required if customer needs in-person assistance to change or correct a record. Requests that do not include proper identification will be returned.

Collect whatever you can about your family history before tackling the South Carolina vital records. You are at the beginning of your genealogy project , so there is no reason to attempt to fill in the branches of a great grandparent yet.

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Jot down the names and dates of your husband and your children at the genesis of the project. If you do not know the birthdays of your spouse and kids, then you have major issues. These are problems an expert genealogist is not qualified to undertake.

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Regardless, completing this initial step can help you see names and dates appear on your family tree. Do not be afraid to ask a cousin or aunt if they know more about extended members of the family. Often, there is more than one family member who shares an interest in genealogical studies. With several names and dates on your paper, you may be now ready to check out the South Carolina vital records.

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Further Research for Your Family Tree The very basic of inquiries an amateur genealogist asks is this: what exactly are South Carolina vital records? The South Carolina vital records are to be found in a central location, also.

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This makes it easy for any inquiring person to check out the data contained in birth certificates and death notices quite easily. The records are available to the public. Frustration can be avoided when you study the South Carolina vital records. You must be patient and take your time. You may discover that concentration on one side of the family tree is worth trying. Remember that you are compiling a record of prosperity that your family will treasure for years to come. Do your best job on this project and feel rewarded by your efforts.