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You should receive your new Social Security card within four weeks, and your Social Security number will not change. Driver's License - Bring your driver's license, Social Security card, and a certified copy of your marriage record the Department of Motor Vehicles office nearest you if you are a Virginia resident. Voter Registration - Notify your local registrar's office of your name change.

Personal Property - Notify your local Commissioner of the Revenue's Office of your name change within 30 days. Use it to update your identifications and important documents. What if 'together forever' turns out to be not quite so forever after all? Many divorces are drawn-out and, well, not so pleasant experiences. It's not uncommon to want to ditch your ex's last name.

What you need to do to change or keep your last name after marriage.

Fortunately, changing your name due to divorce can be accomplished as part of the commonwealth's regular divorce process. Under Virginia law, a court handling a divorce can restore a former last name when it issues final divorce decree in other words, the final order. You'll have to ask the court to do this, and the law limits a last name change here to restoring a former name such as a maiden name that was changed because of the marriage at issue. The divorce decree is the proof of a legal name change.

For other situations, there's a special court process.

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Any person can apply for a change of name in the Cavalier State by filing a petition with the local circuit court of their county or city. This petition can be a process. Applicants have to:. Virginia courts do not necessarily require a hearing before granting a change of name the main exception is for when one parent object's to another parent's petition to change a minor child's name.

And publication of a name change is only required when service on an out-of-state parent can't be accomplished due to an unknown address.

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You cannot change your name for any fraudulent purpose. Or if doing so would 'infringe upon the rights of others. And while felons and registered sex offenders can change their name through the petitioning process, there are added safeguards in the law and notice must be sent off to law enforcement. Once a court is satisfied that the legal requirements are met, it can issue a court order changing your name.

If you die without a will, your entire estate will pass to your spouse under Virginia law unless you have children by a previous marriage. If both you and your spouse die without a will, your underage children's share of your estate could be tied up in guardianship and might not be readily available for support and education.

Why Is Name Change After Marriage SO Hard?!

If you had a will before marriage, it is important that it be reviewed in light of your changed status. For more details, the Wills in Virginia resource. If such an agreement is made after the wedding, it is called a marital or postnuptial agreement.

This contract, which is legally binding if drafted properly and entered into voluntarily with full disclosure, can set out duties and obligations of each spouse and establish the rights each will have in the property of the other and of both of them. It can guarantee a level of support in the event of separation or divorce, or it can specify that there will be no alimony.

Marriage in Virginia

Such contracts are especially important in a subsequent marriage, where one spouse may have children from a previous marriage and obligations that will continue after that prior marriage. That person might also want to provide for these children in the sharing of his or her estate and not want the new spouse to have all of the rights that might be given by law in the absence of a premarital contract. This is especially true when the parties are remarrying late in life for companionship and do not want all of the legal entanglements that would otherwise be involved in marriage. You should consult a lawyer if you think you might need such an agreement. As a married couple you can file a joint income tax return with both the state and federal governments if you were married by the end of the tax year. A joint return can often save you money, but its advantages depend on each couple's individual financial situation. Some married taxpayers are better off filing separate returns. Consult a tax expert on these matters. Before you buy real estate, have a lawyer draw up or review your sales contract for the house and examine the title to the property.

Your sales contract, not your deed, determines your legal obligations in a real estate transaction. Only a lawyer is competent to look out for your interests in this area. The lawyer is in a better position to help you avoid problems if you contact him or her before signing the contract. As soon as you get married, you should begin keeping an accurate record of your financial affairs. If you have a checking account, be sure to retain your canceled checks because they act as valuable receipts for tax purposes and if any question should ever arise about the payment of a bill.

Valuable documents such as insurance policies, your marriage certificate, deeds, contracts, your birth certificate and those of your children should be stored in a safe place. In the event of a divorce, both of you will need all these documents. Any child born while the mother is married is legitimate, even if conceived before the marriage or by a third party. Also, the child becomes legitimate if the child's parents marry each other after the birth.

Children are also legitimate even if born of a marriage that is illegal such as a bigamous marriage or a marriage that is dissolved or annulled. Whether or not a child is legitimate has fewer consequences under the law than in years past. In any case, a parent has a legal duty to provide support for his or her children. Legally adopted children have the same status as natural children in all aspects of the law, including support obligations and inheritance.

The natural parents of the adopted child are no longer considered parents and the legal ties are cut.

General Summary of Name Change Laws in Virginia

However, when the child is adopted by a step-parent i. Adoption is not a step to be taken lightly. All of the legal ramifications as well as the procedures should be discussed with the lawyer handling the adoption. Spouses used to be only rarely prosecuted and immune from civil lawsuits for most things they did to each other. This is no longer the case, and marriage is not a shelter for poor treatment of each other.