Jefferson county nebraska cemetery records maude skuse 1980

Frank Daniel. Owner - Johannes Emanuel "John". Owner, Dec - unknown burial in grave 3.

ACKERMAN Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

Mathilda Anderson. Patricia A. Ruth Anna. Ruth Mable Elizabeth. Walter Eugene. Willard Edward. Wife: Irene M. Willard J. William Robert "Bill". Valerie Denise Tyres.

Raymond Wells, III. Robert William. Hattie Victoria Kubon. Ingwald Nielsen "Ingle". Kenneth N. Lulu May Hutchins.

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Christena Pringle. Owner, Oct - unknown burial in grave 3. Frederick Ernest.

Creepy Places of New England: Maude's Grave

Ruth Bertha. Alvin Otto.

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SUMNER Genealogy

Katherine M. Florence Frances Tloczynski. Harley W. Mother: Nettie Ball. Alice Virginia Easley Moon. Arthur A. Adeline Marie Howard Wiese. Alfred Emanuel. Parents: John G. Owner, Aug Arlene Lois. Arthur Victor T. Axel Albert. Baby Girl? Charles F. Charles Magnus. Clarence Elroy. Clinton Waldemar.

Maude Skuse Biography & Family History

Veteran - WW I. Conrad H. Ellen H. Essie Frances Curtis. Ethel Adele Erlandson. Husb: William H. Frances Minnie Stevens Addington. Frederick Peter. Gust Aaron. Harry Emanuel, Sr. Ida Augusta Gustafson. Owner - unknown burials in grave 2 and maybe 3. Owner, Sep John A. John Gustave. Josephine TerHaiden. Judith Anna. Mary Olson. Mary Anna Windbacher. Matilda C. Richard E. Roy Leonard.

Sara S. Theodore Gust. Owner Wendell Harvey. William Frank. William Henry. Wilna Eloise. Betty Jane Sodini. Laurie Ann Abbey.

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  • Matthew D. Ronnie, Jr. Evelyn K. Howard Perry. Parents: Chris A. Maxine M. Cassius Melvin "Cash". Juanita Ellen Worden McEntaffer.

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