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Parole Release Information. The segment appears on the rapsheet just like other releases to parole except that the area of assignment will be Willard. As of April , that could change for some cases. A section of the Drug Law Reform Act which took effect on February 12, provides for an offender under supervision for a drug offense to be eligible for mandatory termination of parole supervision after serving 3 years of unrevoked supervision for a class A felony drug offense and after serving 2 years of unrevoked supervision for any other felony drug offense.

This will be fairly straightforward for offenders who are serving a term of parole only for a drug offense. However, it is more complicated for offenders who are serving concurrent terms aggregate sentences for a drug offense and a non-drug offense. The fact that the most recent arrest cycle will not be the one for which the offender is under active supervision is somewhat counterintuitive.

If a probationer has multiple probation sentences, there will a unique number for each one. The purpose of the Certificate of Relief is to relieve the offender of any forfeiture or disability, such as to remove any bar to his employment, which was automatically imposed by reason of his conviction for a single arrest event, except for the right of a person to retain or to be eligible for public office.

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The Certificate of Relief does not restrict any judicial, administrative, licensing or other body, board or authority from lawfully relying upon the conviction specified therein as the basis for the exercise of discretionary power to suspend, revoke, refuse to issue or refuse to renew any licenses, permit, or other authority or privilege.

The first Date listed is the date issued. The certificate can be modified or revoked at any time between the issuance date and the Permanency Date. After the Permanency Date , the certificate can no longer be altered or revoked. This section contains New York State arrest, disposition, incarceration and supervision information that was recorded prior to February 1, These historic events do not show as much detailed information as the events appearing in the Criminal History Information section of the rapsheet.

Other History Related information refers to information on the individual that does not pertain to a specific cycle. Data under this heading may include, but is not limited to, Certificate of Good Conduct information. It may be limited to one or more specified disabilities or bars, or may relieve the individual of all disabilities and bars.

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The individual must have demonstrated a minimum period of good conduct in the community which shall be one year for a misdemeanor, three years for a class C, D or E felony, and five years for a class A or B felony. Granting of a certificate of good conduct does not remove the underlying conviction, nor does it prevent a prospective employer or licensing agency from exercising lawful discretion to refuse employment, or to refuse a license. However, the issuance of a Certificate creates a presumption of rehabilitation in regard to the offense or offenses specified therein for license or employment purposes.

The Issue Date is the date on which the parole board issued the certificate. The certificate can be modified or revoked at any time between the Issue Date and the Permanency Date. This section of the rapsheet includes information about the individual that is not related to criminal activity. Non-criminal information listed includes that related to job or license applications submitted to DCJS. The appearance of job or license application on the rapsheet does not indicate that the individual was hired, or that the license was granted. In the case of a pistol permit, however, the rapsheet will include the date the permit was granted if that information was provided to DCJS.

DCJS automatically launches a wanted search for a fingerprint transaction.

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The results returned from a Missing Person search is identical in format to those returned for Wanted information. If no information is returned, the rapsheet will contain the following message:. Skip to main content.

Your browser does not support iFrames. Navigation menu. The following is an example of some available banners: Identification Information This section of the rapsheet provides personal information pertaining to the subject of the inquiry.

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If special circumstances apply to this arrest, there will be additional information beneath the Cycle Number, preceding the arrest date, which may include the following: Cycle may not be supported by fingerprints - This arrest does not have fingerprints on file to support the data. In all cases, except for marijuana charges adjourned in contemplation of dismissal pursuant to CPL This is displayed at the end of the court case that is sealed.

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If there are multiple court cases for a cycle, all cases must result in a seal in order for the entire cycle to be sealed and the fingerprints destroyed. Violent Felony Offense - This cycle contains a charge which is classified as a violent felony.

The charge may be an arrest, arraignment, disposition or institution admission charge. This is not an Order of Protection. Juvenile Offender - The charges at the time of arrest are considered Juvenile Offender charges. Juvenile Delinquent - The charges at the time of arrest are considered Juvenile Delinquent charges. Affordable housing, homelessness, SNAP food stamps cash assistance, child care, volunteering, donating. Starting and running a business, licenses, permits, government contracts, consumer protection.

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